There are a lot of reasons why your pet might have an accident on the carpet. In many cases, dogs simply couldn’t wait long enough to get outside and urinate on the carpet. Cats usually urinate on the carpet due to stress or if their litter box isn’t clean. Medical problems, age, or simple lack of training can also cause pets to urinate (or vomit or defecate) on the carpet.

When these problems occur, you will want to make sure you are taking steps to prevent them from reoccurring. You will also need to take steps to ensure that all remnants of the pet stain are removed from the carpet. This means calling for professional pet stain and odor removal services.

Why Use a Professional for Pet Stain Removal
Pet stains, particularly urine, are notoriously difficult to remove. Like with all mammalian urine, pet urine contains a low pH protein called uric acid. Because pets eat high-protein diets, the levels of uric acid are very high and particularly odorous. The crystals in these proteins are not broken down by water, soap, or detergents. So, when you clean a pet stain with your normal cleaning solutions, you only get out part of the pet stain and the uric acid remains.

Pet owners can purchase enzyme cleaners to get out pet stains. Some of these do a really great job of neutralizing the acids and getting rid of odors. Unfortunately though, even if the enzyme cleaner really is the right match for the type of stain in question, most homeowners are unable to get out all traces of the stain. Some uric acid remains. It eats away at carpet fibers and causes chemical reactions with dye so colors change. To make matters even worse, the smell of the uric acid can cause your pet to repeatedly urinate in the same spot. Only with professional pet stain removal services can you be sure you are getting out all of the offending stain.

Our Pet Stain Removal Process
At Citrus Fresh Redondo Beach, we take pride in providing careful, thorough services. We always start by doing a full scan of the area with a UV light. Pet stains will glow brightly under UV light and our technicians are trained to distinguish them from other types of stains. Many times, we find pet stains hidden in crevices or on upholstery which homeowners didn’t know about.

We first must pre-treat all pet stains with a special cleaner. Our technicians carry a supply of different cleaning solutions and will select the one which is best formulated for the stain at hand. For example, a different pretreatment may be required for male cat urine versus female cat urine because of the levels of testosterone present.

Next, our technicians will apply a carefully-selected enzyme cleaner and then use deep vacuum extraction to get all residue out of the carpet. We can also extract pet stains from upholstery and drapery. In some cases, we might need to take special steps to make sure all residue of the stain is removed. We can lift up the carpet to get at stained carpet padding. We will replace the stained padding with a new piece. In cases where the stain has sunk to the subfloor, we can neutralize the acids and deodorize them.

Tips for Pet Owners
What to do if your pet has an accident on the carpet:
• Scrape up any vomit or feces immediately
• Use clean, white paper towels to blot up as much liquid as possible
• Call for professional cleaning services as soon as possible; the stain could permanently damage carpet or upholstery fibers
• Contact your vet if your pet keeps having accidents; it may have a health problem
• Make sure you have enough litter boxes in the home and they are being cleaned frequently enough
• Take your dog out more often or hire a dog walker if you are unable to do it yourself

What NOT to do:
• Dump water on the spot – it will just spread
• Use a colored rag to clean the spot – the dyes could react with the urine and worsen staining
• Apply standard household cleaners – some of these might set the stain. Your pet may also urinate in the spot again to cover up the smell of the chemicals. Use only a special enzyme cleaner to break down the acids in pet stains.

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