Citrus Fresh Redondo Beach has been providing wood floor cleaning services for more than two decades. We are experts in what we do and aim for 100% satisfaction every single time. You can count on us to get your wood floors cleaned safely so they look beautiful and last longer.

Why Choose Us?

• IICRC Certified
• Licensed, insured, and bonded
• We clean maple, pine, cherry, oak, and more
• Thorough cleaning from deep within the grain
• Stain removal experts
• Affordable prices and free estimates
• Convenient appointment times

Our Methods
To keep your wood floor looking beautiful, you should regularly sweep it and mop it with specially-formulated wood cleaners. These methods will only take you so far though. Dirt and oil from your shoes get driven deep into the grain of hardwood floors where they are difficult to remove without serious scrubbing. We have some of the best high-force rotary machines available in the industry. They create a centrifugal force which draws dirt up from within the grain so it can be completely removed. The process also polishes your wood floors to get rid of small surface scratches and make your wood gleam radiantly again. Tough stains can be spot treated and removed with hand tools and scrubbing. We make sure that no spot is overlooked so your wood floors are as gorgeous.

When Did You Last Have Your Wood Floors Cleaned?
Hardwood floor manufacturers recommend using floor mats at entranceways and regularly sweeping and dry mopping your floors to keep dirt from getting into them and wearing away the finish. These DIY methods can only take you so far though. You should have your hardwood floors professionally cleaned at least once or twice per year, depending on use. Schedule wood floor cleaning with our other cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning and upholstery and drape cleaning. Your home will be healthy and look its best!

We Set the Standards for Excellence in Hardwood Floor Cleaning
At Citrus Fresh Redondo Beach, we take each job seriously. Our staff consists of IICRC Certified professionals who have been highly trained to identify wood types, stains, and finishes. They know just how to care for your wood floors so they look great and last a lifetime. In addition to our expertise, we also have the most advanced equipment available in the industry, including high-speed rotary machines and polishers. You can rest assured that your hardwood floors are in good hands when you call us for services. Contact us to get a free estimate on wood floor cleaning services today.

Making It Easy and Affordable for Our Customers
We believe that having a clean, healthy home should be easy for everyone. We make wood floor cleaning services convenient by offering flexible services and affordable prices. By investing in quality equipment and highly-trained technicians, we are able to cut overhead costs and offer the best services at low prices. Contact us today to get a free estimate on our wood floor cleaning services. We offer discounts when you schedule wood floor cleaning services with our other cleaning services.

We look forward to helping you make your home as beautiful as possible. Contact us today for a free estimate.